2electron presents McFly technology and the Emula concept: one, ten, a thousand bikes, all in one

A unique competitive advantage for EV producers

Customers choose a brand, make or model first and foremost through an emotional cognitive process that’s deeply rooted in mind: we search for confirmation of our past convictions and ideas, in everyday experiences.

This experience is fundamental for the user, which is why it’s called user experience: McFly technology gives EVs a heart and soul, that same beating heart and the same unique soul that’s an intrinsic part of a brand’s heritage.

Just imagine an EV that gives you the same feeling and thrills you’ve come to expect from a brand, and projects your user experience into the world of electric vehicles, right now.

Emula: Performance, gears, sound, vibration, emotion

2electron developed McFly technology to set the bar for user experience higher than ever before in the motoring and motorcycling world.

The McFly system manages an electric motor to precisely emulate the performance, number of gears, gear ratios, power band, sound and vibrations of an almost limitless number of combustion engines.

The first McFly application, the Emula electric motorcycle, gives you the same familiar sensation you get when you twist the accelerator, change gears and use the clutch on a conventional bike powered by a combustion engine.

The McFly virtualization can make the electric motor behave in exactly the same way as a variety of different combustion engines; all you have to do is select the one you want on the display.

Emula lets you “use” the engine in the bike of your dreams, the first bike you had age 16, or the supersport that always catches your eye, every time it passes.

McFly also lets you ride emitting “zero” external noise with the sound of the engine piped directly into your helmet: zero local emissions and zero environmental noise, make it an all-round riding experience.

The system can be completely or partially deactivated: Emula can also be ridden like any other electric motorcycle, using just the accelerator and brakes, without the gearbox and clutch.

McFly technology is compatible with all 2 or 4-wheel electric vehicles, also those powered by fuel cells.

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